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cachers in the crawley area

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There's a few of us around in Crawley and I've heard that there's some fine caches around although I've yet to do many, most of mine are overseas. It would be great to have an event if possible. Although we're campers I don't know (or couldn't recommend) many camp sites around here. Who goes camping on their own doorstep :D. DrDick&Vick has given you the name of one I have heard good things about and you could try Honeybridge Park. Google says it is only 18 miles south of where you need to be (K2 sports centre?) and the roads should be fairly easy.


Edit: Mentioned this to SWMBO and was reminded that I will be away that weekend learning how to drive safely after having come to the attention of Her Majesties' Constabulary. I was zapped doing 57mph in a controlled 50mph zone on the motorway, along with a few others I should imagine. It's a fair cop guv but annoying just the same.

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