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Ram cradle for 62s


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OK, so before I pull the trigger on updating my vehicle mounting system for a Garmin 62s, is this the cradle of choice, or are there better suggestions? And, the pics show that this would allow connection to the mini-USB power supply whilst in the cradle, is this correct?



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I only buy Ram Mounts for any device I have. Nothing better on the market. Although they are slow out of the gate with a Montana holder. Still don't have one and I need it for my bike.


If you are doing a bunch of quickies in your car I would be careful about plugging it in every time. The usb port does wear out over time with repeated use. Just imagine the wear from connecting and unconnecting it 20 times.


Rechargeable batteries are the best solution.

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The Ram cradle is an excellent product. I use it on my bikes (not on a car). Solid and stable, yet easy to release when you want to have the GPS in hand. I thought that the USB port was for data transfer only, and the GPS runs off batteries even when plugged in.

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