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most benchmarks on a single object?


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Yesterday I found a drawbridge that had 6 benchmarks: 3 Army Corps Of Engineers and 3 FL DOT (2 of them old enough to be stamped SRD instead of DOT). 5 of the 6 were in the NGS database. This is a single span 4 lane draw bridge that is not very long; I have found fewer benchmarks on longer multi-span bridges.


This got me curious: what is the most number of benchmarks on a single "object" like a bridge, dam, jetty, building, etc? I'm guessing it would be something big like the Hoover Dam...

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That's what I figured too. I am taking a road trip up to DC after I get back from my deployment. Never been there, so it would be fun getting some marks as well as caches.


Just look out for guys with machine guns or suits stopping you and asking you what you're doing. I don't think it will work out in your favor if you wear your camouflage that day.

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