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GC.com working for you?

Al 7365
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Is anyone else having problems with GC.com loading today? Every other website is working for me today including the forums but something appears appears to be wrong with geocaching. Is it just me?

No it's not just you! Have been trying to log my day's finds (19:30 UK time) for over an hour and am getting nowhere.


GS should plough resources into improving the system response and not on implementing crazy 'challenges' (eg; 'kiss a frog') or putting daft little pictures alongside logs.


Come on GS - get your act together.

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The site has been really up and down over the Bank Holiday weekend.


With what seems to be a push to promote the site with International Geocaching Day and recent initiatives to monetise the activity, it feels like the basics have been missed.


Why would you shop at a supermarket with 10,000 product lines if they can't secure a supply of milk? You can argue in a similar way about a website.

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