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Treasure Hunters: This September

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Hello fellow friends in the Middle East!


A few months ago you may have remembered me talking about my Geocaching TV show that I am producing. Well I am happy to say that Treasure Hunters (Ara: مستكشفو الكنوز ) is going to begin airing this September on DMTV (frequencies below) ! Catch me in a new adventure every Friday at 14.30 Dubai Time (GMT+4)


Join us on the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/TreasureHunters and catch DMTV at the following Nilesat Frequencies:


Nilesat 201@7°W

Frequency: 11977

Polarization: Vertical

FEC: 5/6


Arabsat Badr4@26°E

Frequency: 12111

Polarization: Horizontal

FEC: 3/4


Hope to see you all there soon!

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Great show guys, watched the first two youtubes tonight.Made a facebook share on my timeline. Keep up the good work! How many shows are planned, I see there is 5 so far. I'm a newbie to GeoCaching: geodanieldxb and will be going hopefully to the Dubai Geocaching event GC34Y3Q next friday! I'm making plans for a cache, no decision yet!


Thanks Dan


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Great Job on the show Viruszero..


And thanks for uploading the episodes on Facebook since I don't have the DMTV channel.


Keep up the good work.. Can't wait to watch the next episode.

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