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COINtest! - Random Winner Will Receive A Mystery Coin


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When I first got into the coin world only a few months after I started caching, a coin called the skirtlifter was minted. I had no idea what in the world they were talking about and the name sounded a tad risque. :laughing: I'm not sure when I actually found the first one but I do remember thinking that was kind of an interesting hide. Now after finding I bet hundreds of them I have had my fill. I don't put them on the ignore list but I dont' actively seek them out either. At my first Midwest Geobash in the summer of '06 a group of us went caching in Windsor Ontario. The lady I rode over with was from Ohio. She had never seen one before and like I did initially thought they were pretty neat. She said she was going to hide a few like that back home. I thought "Darn they are being exported to another pristine area. Oh well it was bound to happen." Are they spreading like a virus? As you can tell they are my least favorite hide but a micro in the woods may give them a run for the money!

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With the heat and humidity of Florida summers, we are looking forward to another summer month ending this week. Only 2-3 months more to go until we can go out and enjoy geocaching again! We love to find regular size caches because there are always interesting things inside. Plus, I can drop trackables! Unfortunately, people love to place micros in the woods here (that's a whole different story!).

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Yesterday I attended an Event which was very enjoyable. The CO had placed some new caches and I was able to do a multicache with another cacher I'd just met (she was very kind as I was struggling to get the Waymarking coords into my new GPS quickly enough!) The views were terrific and the weather was good to us. We all had a picnic, got to chat to a lot of people and put some faces to those names I have seen all over the place. My family turned up, which was great when they joined in for a bit, I wasn't really expecting it because they had other plans. There were lots of friendly well behaved dogs and some people had brought their wonderful coin collections for us to discover. I didn't get the chance to see many, or to do all the caches, or the new challenges as I just wanted to try to have a short chat with as many people as possible, to try and fix some names and faces in my forgetful head! There was such a relaxed atmosphere and although there were people there who have known each other and developed friendships for over a decade, it didn't feel at all unwelcoming or cliquey. What a great way to geocache! :D


When my parents went on holiday, one of their Polish neighbours would often look after their pets and garden for them. He often used to joke that there was no need to pay him, he would just take one of the Koi for his dinner...Especially if they went away before Christmas! (It was the traditional Christmas Eve meal for him, and considered a delicacy.)


Mrs F

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Can I be the winner since I just had a birthday on Thursday? That would be a cool bday present! :rolleyes:


BTW, my favorite cache container varies not by container, but by how creative and hard to find it is, so some of my favs are nanos, but then others are huge containers like at View Carre!

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Can I be the winner since I just had a birthday on Thursday? That would be a cool bday present! :rolleyes:


BTW, my favorite cache container varies not by container, but by how creative and hard to find it is, so some of my favs are nanos, but then others are huge containers like at View Carre!


Happy Birthday my friend!!! :D


well..... I have to admit that I do not like nanos a lot... this is just because finders keep changing their original hiding place...

they are still in the right place... for axample a seat or a staircase but if they are changing its original hiding spot all the time it makes it more difficult even to maintane it... especially if the area is overcrouded!

this happent to me with a micro... I went to change the logbook once and I couldn't find the container! I made a new one and after some time.... there were 2 hiding there... and cachers were confused! I had to fix things again and it is not always easy to go.... :(

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Yesterday I posted about my least favorite containers. I thought overnight about my favorite type and I couldn't come up with only one. I thought instead I'd talk a wee bit about a couple of caches I really enjoyed. One was a Harry Potter series. It was put out just before the publishing of the last book. For the long multi I wrote my log as if I were also a magical witch and in the wizard language. I'm not sure too many cachers quite appreciated my log but I sure had fun writing it. LOL The other cache that comes to mind is one based on a pirate's theme. It was 8 stages and each was very unique. One was a treasure map on leather with jewels on it to help you figure out the next coords. It had a major twist and if you didn't see it as you did the stages you would have to do the entire cache over again to get that little bit of additional info. The final was a treasure chest. I think he spent all one winter handcrafting all those stages. Sadly someone destroyed some of the stages and he ended up archiving it.


Thanks for the cointest and congrats to the lucky winner!

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Last time I wrote about one of our best DNF's. Now I write about the friendly owners, that answered immediately and pointed us to the error we made. In general I experienced a lot of really nice people here in the Geocaching world and especially here in the Geocoin world.

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Another day another post. This time with 100% more random quotations. :)


"I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am now."


"A computer is only as good as the people who are employed to replace the people who were made redundant by the computer."


"If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."

by Garnish Haspoth


"Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a seat has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure."


Till next time.

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Woohoo. Found one on a hot muggy day. I have fished and hiked in this area for years, and still took me a hard 30 minutes to find this one. While stomping threw the thick thorny underbrush I stepped in a culvert pipe buried in the ground. When I looked down to where my leg had disappeared to I saw something move. My brain screamed SNAKE!!!! My eyes saw turtle. I freed the turtle; there was no way he was going to make it out of a two foot deep concrete pipe. Any way had fun finding this one! This was my day.

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