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The Otter Trail

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We have booked 12 places on the Otter Trail for July next year.

We will be leaving Storms River on 5th July.

So far The Huskies, Battlerat & Pussycat, Goofster and Henzz will be joining us. We still have place for a limited number of people.

The full price of the trail is R818.10.

Minimum deposit is R270 per person, payable before 20/9/11.

We also have taken into account the Bloukrantz River crossing and have timed it as well as we could, with the lowest tide for around midday on the day of crossing, for anybody who may be intimidated by this. (Believe me (cow) that I stress about this crossing days before the time!) :blink:


There are only about 3 caches along the route - but that is not the object of this outing - it is the walk, company, scenery and those special times spent along the route with fellow cachers.

Andre and I are considering treating ourselves to the fabulous Dolphin Trail after we finish the Otter! Anybody interested? B)

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Now that's a Power Trail worth doing. When I did the trail, I only found two caches in the 5 days but those two are "mega smiley"! Unfortunately (well - actually fortunately) I'm sure I'll have my hands full next July.

I would have loved to join you - especially looking at the great company gathering and also because you timed the tides for your booking (we hiked for an hour in the dark to be at the river at low tide)

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I would have loved to join you - especially looking at the great company gathering and also because you timed the tides for your booking (we hiked for an hour in the dark to be at the river at low tide)

Been there, done that but lost the T-shirt. We set off round 1am to get the supposed low tide at round 7am only to find the river in flood and the rain still pelting down. It is an experience I would rather not have again... We missed out on all the beautiful scenery that day. I would still like to see it but don't know whether I have the courage to attempt it again. <_<

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Quoting AndyT1 from The Fynbos Finders:


Meet at 07h30 on Sunday 18th September at the parking for the start of the Echo Valley Trail - S34 07.501 E18 26.866


First on the agenda is Mines of Moira, followed by Paths of the Dead.

Then over the top to Chilean Mine Rescue.

If the Eaves want to take some cachers through to Robin Hood Cave in the Amphitheatre then whoever wants to do so can join them.

Next stop a brunch / lunch break in the amphitheatre, those who have tackled the narrows can re-join us there if there are any takers for this expedition.

Head off for Tataurus, the one I am looking forward to.

Back down Spes Bona Forest and re-join the trail down Echo Valley and back to the vehicles.


If we have time off to the pub of your choice for a drink or two?


We are using this as our 'Outrageous Otters' Get Fit Outing for this weekend.

As we quoted in the Fynbos Finders:

We'll be taking one or two hiking stoves with us to make tea and coffee. If anyone wants to join us for a cuppa, please bring your own mug and some extra water along! :D

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Just getting my breathing back under control after "running" up Lions Head two days ago chasing a FTF with some others... When the muscles in the legs started to protest I just reminded them that this was just the beginning... Get used to it... The Otter trail is waiting...


Can't wait for Sunday's outing... Good exercise / team building...

Putting my coffee mug into my backpack right now. :rolleyes:

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A challenge to all the Western Cape walkers of the Otter Trail next July: Join us doing the 12km category of The Cape Times Big Walk on Sunday 13th November. :rolleyes:

The route is as follows:

The 12km starts in the new Greenpoint Park, makes its way along the world renound Fan Walk along Somerset Road via the Company Gardens, joining the 10km all the way to the finish area.


The cost is R40 per person. All proceeds go to charity. On your entry form you can choose which charity you wish to support.

Nazareth House, The Cancer Association of South Africa or the Steenberg Foundation. :D


Go to: http://www.bigwalk.co.za/ for further info and online booking form.

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