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Well, I have to put this up because I have been recently guilty of planning to cache and not doing it...so my question to all, what's the excuse?




1) Budget constraints...no, I am not a politician. Budget has tightened up since we have missed a few days of work...maybe a little more...so I have to wait for a bit.


2) No one to go with me. Wife's a muggle...so she's out. Friends unavailable. Fellow cachers unavailable. Don't like going alone very much.


3) Tired, trying to catch up on some lost Zzzzs... Lately, a lot.


And I have a few more...but I want to see what slows everyone else down.

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Too hot out!


THIS. This month I am on pace to set a personal record for fewest caches found in a month. I haven't gotten less than 20 before, but this month I've only gotten 9. It's 90-95 degrees, sunny, and humid here in lovely SE Florida.


Also, the mosquitos are horrific in many places.


I've been getting my fix via benchmarking. Found about two dozen this month. More fun than most urban P&Gs for me.

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1. Running out of local caches.


2. Could do some other nearish caches but their environment is not something I enjoy at all and I'm not going to go somewhere I don't enjoy going for the sake of finding a cache.


3. Need to do other errands on the Saturdays I would be caching.


That pretty much sums up my caching excuses right there.

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I have many small children (3 but it sometimes seems like more). We've already done the nearby caches that are T2 or less - can't do a T3 with a 3yrold, I've learnt by experience. Also, they are not interested in micros and most of the caches in Auckland are micros (they live for the swag swapping)


So, can't get out of the house as there always seems to be some domestic chores being dumped on me by SWMBO. :sad:


However, still manage the occasional run with the kids. Did the largest cache in NZ last weekend with 2 of them... http://coord.info/GC1TXCK

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