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Tired of stupid logging

Ash McCloud
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If you put a cigar/film can/matchstick/pill bottle/or mag.hide a key inside a guardrail, lamppost, in someplace that makes me mad that I traveled to find it....then rest assured I'll put as much thought into the log as the CO must have put into the cache. None.
While I don't necessarily disagree with your logic, I am concerned about your getting mad. If it makes you mad, why bother getting out and signing the log? Is it really worth it if it makes you mad?
Also, I'm not a newb and I still use my smartphone for many caching tasks.
I rarely find someone who is qualified to say they are not a newb actually saying it. :ph34r:
Just because you're a cacher doesn't make you courteous.
Trying to be courteous is the right thing to do, and to hide behind "I'm not courteous because I don't have to be" is a very poor attitude to take if you plan on getting along with others.


Lol. Geocaching isn't rocket science. If you don't get it by the 100h find, you might be a slow learner.

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