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Snake encounters

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An update from my last post, I had my first Rattle snake encounter at GCP9DQ!

While walking along the trail something larger than normal moved along the grass next to me. After stopping and looking I noticed it was a rather large snake, but what kind of snake? Continued watching and noticed the head of a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake! Walked down the trail keeping a safe distance. Got to a point where I could see it clearly through the grass, and it hissed pretty loudly then quickly darted into it's hole. I looked over and saw a SECOND rattle snake, slightly smaller coiled up. They may have been a breeding pair. Still at a safe distance took some photo's as it slithered into it's hole to join it's mate.

Strangest thing about all of this was NOT ONCE DID EITHER SNAKE RATTLE THEIR TAIL! But as you can see in my 2nd photo they clearly had rattles, they just did not use them.



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