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Wanted: Beginners model for my mom

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My mom and sister went with me this past weekend to the Block Party. I kept it a surprise until we got there and they had a blast except but they both dont have Gps's.


I want to buy my mom and sister units so that they can come along with me. I use a smartphone right now and borrow my neighbors Bushnell Onix 350 when I can. Maybe I need a better unit but I want to get them going first.


But if anyone has a unit they are wanting to sell soon or even gift away, (promise it will be treated well) I am interested. Being a student, I have limited funds but I really want to get my family involved with geocaching anyway I can.


Just send me a reply through here and I'll get back to you. Thank you.

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Im selling a pretty good beginners GPS, i used it when i first started out. Its very reliable, and works well for caching in my opinion. Its a Garmin eMap, and I'm including with it a expanded memory cartridge, car charger, pc cable, and lanyard, and original manual. Im trying to sell it for 60, but you can shoot me your best offer. I will accept any reasonable trades

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