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So sorry, still don't understand geocoin collecting

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I am really interested in geocoins! I have found two so far, and I of course know to log them, and eventually drop them for another cacher to find in order for the coin to reach its goal.


The questions I have are regarding collecting. First off, do people ever drop geocoins for others to collect? Are collectable coins trackable? What is the point of untrackable coins? Do people trade coins they have found in caches that need to remain on its goal or path set by the original owner? Are geocoins that are released into the caching world expected to eventually reach its owner again? Where do I buy geocoins for my personal collection? Can a "collectable" geocoin be released and used from cache to cache?


Thanks for any information you have! Sorry I am such a newb :P

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Some geocoins are not trackable. They are just trade items.


Some geocoins are trackable at the geocaching.com site. Those that have been activated are travelers, which should be moved from cache to cache. Those that have not yet been activated are sometimes left in caches as trade items.


Some geocoins are trackable at other sites (e.g., the geocoin.net site). They are generally trade items as well.


The collectors I know (1) have bought geocoins trackable at the geocaching.com site, but have not activated them; (2) have traded such geocoins with other collectors; or (3) have bought/traded other geocoins not trackable at the geocaching.com site. They do not "collect" activated travelers.


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People rarely if ever drop off coins for people to take. As with all things there are exceptions. Some times if a new cache has just been placed the CO may leave a geocoin as a prize for the first person to find the cache. Some times a difficult cache will have a bunch of non-trackable coins in it as a prize for those who find it.


All official geocoins are trackable and say "trackable at Geocaching.com" or something similar.


It seems clear that you havn't taken the time to read about trackables so i suggest you do so then come back with anything your still not clear on.



Also check out the pinned threads at the top of the Geocoin Discussion section of the forum. There is allot of helpful info there. Including the approved vendor list of companies that both mint the coins and sell them.



As for collecting... You need to purchase your own coins. Either through the vendors or off ebay from collectors that are selling there collection or designers who are trying to sell off the rest of there inventory. I like to check out ebay to get a look at many of the coins that are not available anymore. I then see if there are for sell somewhere else for less. You can find both unactivated coins and activated coins on ebay. Some people activate there coins so they can take them to events and let other people discover them. Kind of like an electronic log book for people to sign when they meet you. I for one have only one activated i use as a mileage tracker. It goes with me caching and gets logged into each cache as having visited.


Once you have some coins you can participate in some of the coin missions here in the forum. There are also trade missions as well. In most missions there is some sort of theme. You submit your name and info then you'll receive someone elses name and info. You'll include one or 2 coins in the box along with other items in line with the theme of the mission. Then ship it to them. its a fun way to expand your collection and get rid of coins you may have duplicates of or don't favor as much. The trade missions give you a chance to trade your less desirable coins and doubles for coins you've been wanting to get.


Just read through the links given and take some time to read through the forums. There is allot to learn and allot of fun in collecting geocoins. Also look into mystery coins.

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Well, you can also win unactivated coins. B)


And you can be given unactivated coins. B)


Not often, but some times an unactivated coin can be dropped in a cache as a gift to the first or next finder.


There's also an adoption process for coins, but I think it's borked at the moment.


Activated coins found in caches belong to someone and are meant to travel from cache to cache. The owner will often have a mission on the coin page. Try to follow that if possible. If not, just keep the coin moving.


Coins can be collected for non-travelling purposes. Just like people collect stamps.


And coins can also be used for personal mileage and/or milestone "markers". These also are personal and not meant to be travellers.


Once you've wandered over to the Geocoin forum and done some reading, you'll see there's lots of dedicated collectors. You will also see some beautiful coins, and maybe get bitten by the coin bug. I've resisted and resisted, but gosh it's hard to not get into this part of the game. Limited funds helps keep the coin urges at bay. :D

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I have often left unactivated coins in my caches as a FTF gift for people who are participating in the Dharma Phase II study.

I also will try to have activated coins of interest in them when a new station launches.


As the original "handler" of the coins I leave when unactivated I reserve the right to log notes against the coins as a channel to communicate to our study participants.



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Bottom line is if it's a activated trackable coin, it should be moved from cache to cache and never kept.


If it's not a trackable coin it's yours to keep (in the absence of any attached instructions to the contrary) or move to another cache as you choose.


If it's a trackable coin but unactivated, assume that it is a gift. Do what you want with it. It could be collecting it, activating it and sending it on its way, or giving it as a gift to someone.


Legit collectors purchase unactivated coins from the owners, geocoin websites and Ebay or they trade for them. One of the easiest way to build up a collection is to have your own coins minted and trade then with others.

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Think of them as baseball cards.

Some are moved around and traded, some are bought and saved in mint condition.


I suggest you design your own geocoins, and get a couple hundred minted. Then you can trade yours for others that you want (at a geocoin event).


Geocoins in geocaches are rarely kept. They normally have some sort of a goal, and are owned by someone. They should be moved into another geocache.

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Thanks everyone for the information! Minting my own coins, huh? Can they be trackable?
Yes. If you want them to be trackable at geocaching.com then see the knowledge books article:



You can also make them trackable at some other site, which you will need to work out with the owner of that site. Or you can set up your own tracking site, which is an entirely different discussion.

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