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FS: Garmin eMap and GPS V

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Hey guys! I have 2 GPSs for sale, Both work great, and i have used both for geocaching, they work well and get the job done.


The eMap has no scratches on the screen, and is very reliable and works perfect, it includes an expanded memory pack so it can hold more maps, these sell for over 50 bucks on ebay alone.

It also includes a lanyard, PC cable, car adapter, and original manual. Selling for 60$ shipped or best offer


I also have a Garmin GPS V, Also in great condition. Works great, and is very reliable. The battery life on it is 25 hours! It includes the GPS, and a PC cable. I used this gps as my primary one, but I'm selling it to help pay for my new dakota 20.

I will sell the GPS V for 55$ shipped


I have used both GPSs myself for geocaching, and i love both. I want to keep one for a backup GPS, but i need to sell them because i just bought a new garmin dakota 20. I just want these to go to someone who needs them, or wants them for geocaching. They both work with the "send to GPS" feature on geocaching.com, and both are very accurate and work great. They have brought me on top of many caches.


Im willing to negotiate, and will sell both for 100$ shipped.


Please email me at rturiak@gmail.com if you would like a picture of them, or want more info about them.

Thanks for looking! and have a great day!



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also, all the firmware is up to date, and they also have the most current up to date maps i could install on them.

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I still have the eMap!

Please shoot me some offers or ask me any questions to rturiak@gmail.com

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I am accepting any offers you guys, Just shoot me one.

Can you take $30.00 Me and kids are pretty new Geocachers. This will be our first gps.(we usually borrow). Soo we need a simple to use model.

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