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I've hidden old pennies in several stunning locations in my local city. Sadly they couldn't classify as traditional caches since they didn't have a log book. And since virtual caches couldn't be posted either, at least now there's a way for me to publicize them and enable geocachers to enjoy them. Here's the first:


My idea was to require verification by having finders submit the date on the coin, so hopefully some verification method will be added by Groundspeak in due time.


Because of this, I'm pleased to see the addition of the new concept of challenges. Undoubtedly there will be some teething problems initially, but the idea is sound and worth fine-tuning. Areas to be addressed include giving creators more control over their challenges, adding possibilities for verification, implementing pocket queries, and perhaps requiring a stricter review process before challenges go live. Groundspeak will want to find ways that ensure a standard of high quality that lives up to its positive reputation, rather than risk seeing the site become too open ended. But I like the fact that there's now room for the equivalent of virtual caches and room to explore other novel ideas, because it opens up possibilities for geocaching to go into new directions. Kudos to Groundspeak for at least being willing to take geocaching into new directions, and I for one am prepared to be patient as this new concept gets refined and improved.


I have several challenges ready to go involving other pennies hidden in great locations, so I'm happy to take on suggestions for improving this series before I make them go live.

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I find the penny a completely unnecessary complication. Is the penny attached to something? Isn't that vandalism? If the penny is in plain site and not permanently attached, isn't it likely that someone will pick it up. Finally I don't think looking for a well hidden penny would add to my enjoyment of a scenic or historic location,

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That reminds me, I assume for these challenges that it doesn't matter if you do not live in the area as they are supposedly 'ownerless.'


Well, the challenge I set up was to climb the Ziggurat of UR, and I haven't been there since 2005. So far it's still up. So I'll say yes. After all, there's no way to edit them 24 hours after publication or after they have been accepted, so even if there was a need to maintain the listing, it's out of our hands almost immediately.

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