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Wouldn't it be nice?


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I am new to all this - don't even have a GPS yet. LOL! I have been perusing this site to learn as much as I can. The only thing that I have 'missed'

so far is a chat room here on the site. I have seen mention of IRC chats but I hate IRC and it would be so much nicer to have one right here. Just a thought - not sure how hard it would be for the webmaster and the bandwidth and all that. icon_smile.gif

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I was just wondering, do you think at some point you might have a moment to mention the weekly chats? If it was mentioned in the Geocaching Announcements forum, at least, it would likely stand out a little more to any neocachers. Anyway, no big deal or anything, but just figured I'd wonder out loud. icon_smile.gif

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Show some ceramic pride!


Pound that chest

Stomp that foot

Furl that brow

Flair those nostrils


When Jeremy is done with his chuckle, maybe he'll add your chat room to the announcement forum.


[accolades] You're doing a great job of it, that chat room is a real asset to the entire community. [/accolades]


I highly recommend that anyone who's not stopped by to do so next Monday at...


6PM EST? (I'm never on time so I dunno when it starts)


I knew I'd been in Berkeley too long when I saw "Free Firewood" and I wondered who this Firewood fellow was and what he had done.

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Maybe you could post it as a locationless event cache




Sorry, I couldn't resist after seeing that locationless cache thread pop up again.



As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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