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Knights of the Round Table Geocoin


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This heraldry gecoin is based around coats of arms of the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur's with three golden crowns at the top followed clockwise by sir Lancelot, sir Percival, sir Degore, sir Bedivere, sir Kay, sir Galahad, sir Bors, sir Gawain, sir Tristan, sir Brunor, sir Hector.




On the back of the coin there are twelve swords - including Excalibur. In the centre there is one of the chivalry principles "To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun", which we think relates to geocaching struggles we face - especially long multicaches and complicated mystery caches.


Stamped coin will be available in three antique variants - copper, silver, and gold. Coin diameter is 2".




Geocoin will be available at our booth at Geocoinfest EU and later through our geocoin site

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Is there anyone from the United States or Canada that is going to Europe for this event. I would like to get my hands on one of these coins plus the astronaut Yuri coin. Just send me an email on what the cost will be. Thanks!


The interesting point here is that at the event you will need to pay VAT, which is roughly one sixth of the price. If we mail the coins to US or Canada (or any other country outside EU) we do not need to charge VAT. So it could be rougly equal - paying european VAT and US postage versus excluding VAT and paying for overseas mail.

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