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Helping Newbies

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What sort of things do you guys do to help/encourage new cachers? It seems we have had a big influx of new cachers in my area.

I think trying to gently steer the tone in the forums towards helpful tolerance, no matter the communication skills of the various OPs, can be a pretty nice thing to do.

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Get a meet and greet event with some of your friends who are so inclined... Let the new guys know when and where. Keep it simple.

Not so easy sometimes. We've been doing that but it's almost 1 on 1, so we just email them to see if they are interested.

Slowly growing the numbers here. Cachers and Caches.


Doug 7rxc

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I would like to help a newbie in our area... found 13 caches placed 2. One new one yesterday. Here is the description (names have been starred).


"Small tupperware down a dirt trail.


Best parking is at the end of ********, from there walk around the street end barrier onto ************. Walk west (toward *********) and you'll soon see a dirt trail on the opposite side of *********. This is the path you'll be walking. The cache is a small tupperware container, maybe half a mile down the trail. A steep downhill means you're getting close.

Along the way you'll enjoy meeting a wide variety of garbage and discarded items, colorful trees, and maybe some deer or other wildlife. Makes a good peaceful walk, usually nobody around.


Starter content for the cache: SD card of random stuff, borders rewards card (RIP), radio horror sticker, AT&T Park parking voucher. Includes a pencil for the log."


...so we get snow in our area and I'm thinking... tupperware container = ugly cache in 6 months. Not to mention starting a cache with basically... low end swag. At any rate... should I offer the CO the suggestion of not placing a tupperware container or just let the chips fall?

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Good thoughts there guys. I have been sending an congratz email to people with <100 finds who log one of my caches. Sometimes I suggest other caches in the area they might try.


" should I offer the CO the suggestion of not placing a tupperware container or just let the chips fall?"


I'd probably let them live & learn.

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