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Magellan 315 Home made Data cable anyone?


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Doh, I did not notice that the two pages are the same icon_eek.gif

Looks like the 4th connection is for a 3.8v regulated power connection and yes, for the best electrical connection the wires are soldered to the springs, then for extra strength epoxy or hot glued into place.



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Thanks for the replies......I got almost done!.....my hang up now is finding the Center screw to hold it attached to the 315, cant seem to find the exact thread/screw I need....anyone know? thanks....... icon_smile.gif


One other question, where do I get the firmware update, This has 3.07 on it!! way old.....but its brand new icon_smile.gif.....Got it for $40bux at sears brand spankin new heh...... :0

what should be turned on as far as the GPS end goes in the NMEA option?......seems like my cable not working, doesnt see it icon_frown.gif.....any ideas?


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