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FS: Colorado 300 and Magellan GC

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I love gadgets, but there comes a time when you have many more than you need. This is my current situation. I recently bought a Montana 650 (which is awesome!) and I also have an Oregon 450, Colorado 300, and a Magellan GC. I really only want to keep 2 so I am selling the Colorado and the GC.


Colorado 300:

Excellent condition, just the normal amount of fine marks on it from careful useage. Firmware is up to date and allows Chirp cache seeking, Wherigo caches and of course full paperless geocaching. Comes with original box, carabiner clip, usb cable and maps.

The maps are on a 4gb sd card in the device that include:

-City Navigator NA 2012.10 for BC, AB, WA, ID, OR, MT

-BlueChart Americas v9.5 for BC, WA, OR

-TopoCan V4 for South BC and AB

-NorthWest Trails the complete current set

-Birdseye images for Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, southern Van Island and select other areas like Calgary.


Magellan GC:

This is brand new in the box, it has been used only briefly in the house, the firmware has been updated to the current ver 1.7, comes with box, manual, and usb cable.



Colorado 300------ $225

Magellan GC--------$140


I am not super firm on the prices, and would be willing to negotiate or accept partial trades for certain items like geocoins, etc..


Prices are in CAD$, and do not include shipping, but if you are at all interested, just drop me an email and we can try to work something out.

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You can only hold one GPSr and have one hand free to break a fall,

so whydontcha sell me the Oregon 450?

Yea! Great idea, I think so too!

Glad you thought of it.

So go ahead and send me an invoice for it! :blink:

PP :lol:

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Well I am interested but this is too rich for my blood. Both very nice units though and would make anyone very happy. Good luck on selling them.

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Still have these.....open to offers.

I am interested in the Magellan $80.00 is my offer. Will be willing to pick up(will be in area nov 10-15).

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