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Backcountry Navigator App Wierdness

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I use my LG Ally to geocache with, running the Backcountry Navigator Pro app to locate the cache. It normally works like a charm, but today it was not happy with me for some reason.


I went to input a couple of cache coordinates in the format I always use, being DD:MM.MMM However, it wouldn't accept it if the MM was a double digit number. For example, it would accept -80:01.123 but would not accept -80:58.123. If I put that in, it would offset the cache to -80:6.000 (I think that's what it was doing, anyway.) If I converted the coordinates into DD.DDDDD format, the app took them just fine and was right on the money.


Anyone else had this happen? Is there anything I can do about it, or am I stuck converting many of the coordinates into a usable format?



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