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Fantasy Football... Geocaching Style!


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I've updated my list to reflect a new score of 4401. (We just made another trip to the tunnel.)


I believe archived caches should also be allowed for the simple reason that the odds are over time the caches we have on our list will be archived for some reason or another. If that happens all kinds of confusion will ensue, for the CO and us! That means our numbers could go down. They never should go down but stay the same or go up. Yes, it makes it harder for the new people to compete and complete but that is what makes a challenge is a challenge.

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I've updated the cache page to be more clear. I had specifically said events and archived caches don't count, but I guess since I used the wording, "active players" people thought that meant disabled caches don't count either, but in fact they do. If I were to keep track and recount everyone's scores every time someone disabled a cache, I'd go crazy. Just think of it as a player who got an injury. Maybe they're out for one game, but that doesn't mean their season or even their career is over.


I personally count everyone's scores, so really, you don't have to post anything about your score in your logs, just that you found the cache, or want your score updated. Everyone's score is counted according to the rules and is the highest possible from their total finds. The only reason it would be different is if for some reason they request I only count certain players, even when that would make their score lower than their total possible. There's no way to cheat or even accidentally claim an incorrect score since I count it all myself.


On a final note, the people who's names are lighter and don't have a ranking number in front of their score, are those who have not found the final yet. I have their names in the ranking list so you can see who's playing and how well they're doing, but nobody is actually "winning" unless they've found the final. You can feel pride in the placement you are in though if you're out of state and may never get the final. Currently grossi is in first place.

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Looks fun. Have they updated the API or PQs yet to include favorite points? I'll probably wait until then to make it much easier to find them


If you do your search under "Hide/Seek a Cache", then order the results by favorite points by clicking the blue ribbon at the top of that column, then you'll have the highest point caches within your search range.


Also, many are thinking I should include archived caches. I did think about that, but in actual fantasy football, when a player is out, they're out right? I believe I should stick to that with this challenge as well. How can you count a player in fantasy football if they're no longer a player? I may reconsider this rule someday, but for now, I don't really see that happening. It wouldn't really be fair for cachers who weren't able to get the A.P.E. cache for example, do be out 700+ points when they have no control over it. That's what's fun about a challenge though right? This way it will keep it a challenge for all, since some may have to find a higher point cache when another gets archived.

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Seems like it was this kind of stuff that got ALRs axed.


I'm not sure if I understand since I don't require any kind of alternate logging requirement. I simply require finding 20 caches that meet certain specifications, just like any other challenge. The logs don't have to include anything to do with the score as I count them all up myself.

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Moving from Geocaching Topics forum. In passing, I note that my score is 4265 points. Caching in DC, Vegas and the Pacific Northwest helps.


Keystone, I would be happy to add your score to the list, but your profile only shows one find, so is there a different profile you would like me to use for your Fantasy Football list?

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if you post your stats on the fantasy football page before it gets archived (if it does), surely it will stay in your stats. You do not have to remove points if they are already there Kent I believe.


Why would you say that? the rules very clearly state that favorite points change and scores will be updated:

1.Post a log with your score and I will check your list of 20 on your profile to verify completion

2.Your score will be set at the total favorite points of your 20 caches as of the time I verify and post it to this cache page

3.Favorite points do change, but your score will only change if you email me, post an update on the FORUM page for me to update your score and rank you accordingly, or if I happen to go through once in a while and update scores

4.You are allowed (just like in Fantasy Football) to swap out one cache for another with more points and then contact me to update your score and ranking


It says they'll change doesn't say anything about them only going up...

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well, let Quinn be the judge. Personally, it does not matter to me really either way, I already have my find on this challenge and really am not trying to increase my score.


but, to the point, lets say I have 20 caches listed in this challenge and lets say I had Mingo amongst them and had 4300 points. I have posted my list and done my find. Lets say tomorrow Mingo gets archived. I do not imagine Quinn is going to go through the back dated logs and change scores. I imagine he will only look at scores when folks want new scores updated.


Thus, if Kent posts a score now with Mingo, it would include Mingo. If he waits 3 weeks and its archived, it wont count.


Either way, that is how I would interpret it, I could be wrong.

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but, to the point, lets say I have 20 caches listed in this challenge and lets say I had Mingo amongst them and had 4300 points. I have posted my list and done my find. Lets say tomorrow Mingo gets archived. I do not imagine Quinn is going to go through the back dated logs and change scores. I imagine he will only look at scores when folks want new scores updated.


Actually he says he might go in from time to time and update the scores without being asked to...

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but, to the point, lets say I have 20 caches listed in this challenge and lets say I had Mingo amongst them and had 4300 points. I have posted my list and done my find. Lets say tomorrow Mingo gets archived. I do not imagine Quinn is going to go through the back dated logs and change scores. I imagine he will only look at scores when folks want new scores updated.


Actually he says he might go in from time to time and update the scores without being asked to...


The scores will update to reflect the qualifying caches at the time I am counting, whether that be at the time someone posts their find, or when I randomly decide to count scores. I don't recount everyone's scores every time someone posts a find, but occationally I will recount people's scores.


I do recount someone's score for example, if someone else posts a score that is just barely over theirs, then I'll recount that other person's to make sure I didn't push them down on the ranking when they might actually have a higher score. To be fair, and not to confuse myself or others, I don't keep track of anyone's "team", but count scores according to the qualifying caches at the time.


One situation where I would go through and recount all the scores, is if I noticed that a more popular cache got archived, such as with the A.P.E. Cache. It's somewhat pitiful as the cache owner that I'm so low on the list, so I recount my score somewhat often. I will probably notice if one of my higher players gets archived, and will recount everyone in that case.

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Just saw this post/cache. Cool idea... A quick look at GSAK and I'm just shy of 3600 points (quite a bit more than I expected). Unfortunalty I need to scan the waver wire for a couple more specialists. I've got my eye on a couple that should put me over the top... This weekend maybe.




How do you get the information from GSAK? I didn't know that favroties were counted on the gpx files...

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For those of you running the GSAK v8 Beta, I have create a quick and dirty macro to calculate your points. It is not able to determine if you have favorited the cache yourself, so you will have to adjust that yourself accordingly... I think I "favorited" maybe a third of these, so I'd have to subtract 5-6 points from my total..


(If I'm allowed to post this link) You can go HERE to get the macro.


The output looks like this:




Let me know if you have any questions...



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Remember, the only time it matters if you favorited a cache or not is if it is at 20 points. All points can be counted, even your own, unless your favorite point pushed it from 19 to 20 points. If a cache is at 20 points but you have not favorited it, it can count for the game.

Ahh.. I didn't realize that... Probably not going to need to modify the number manually very often then.. Thanks for the Clarification.

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My 6-types active total is now 5009.

Caches are listed below.


As a previous commenter noted, caching in Portland,

Seattle, near Snoqualmie, and doing a couple trips to DC really helps.


958 Original Stash - PDX

809 Groudspeak HQ - SEA

756 Mission-9 (archived) - Snoqualmie

487 View Carre' - NO

303 Last stop for a weary traveler - DC

283 Un-original stash - PDX

261 The view of a "honest man" - DC

234 Cloud gate - CHI

223 Iron Horse - Snoqualmie

192 TT III - SEA

158 So we will remember them - DC

143 TT II - SEA

141 I can see Lincoln - DC

139 Aloha TB Hotel - near Mt.St.Helens

139 Trolls Lair - SEA

134 Double Bubble Toil & Trouble - SEA

128 Capitol View - DC

117 Mile Zero - DC

110 TT - SEA

105 Kerry Viewpoint - SEA

(all caches faves = 5679)


subtracting out the original Mission-9 which is archived

and adding in one earthcache to get my types up to 6:

minus Mission-9 (-756) - Snoqualmie

plus Snoqualmie Falls Volcano (86) - Snoqualmie


(qualifying caches for this one total = 5009)

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Coach! Can I make a few subs??



GCP9G9 Totally Tubular III (193)

GCNYKE Totally Tubular II (145)

GCNDTN Totally Tubular (111)

GC1BIJN WedgeWood Erratic (30)



17. GC2ATM6 The Iron Horse Express (29)

18. GCKTTP San Xavier Del Bac (29)

19. GC6839 Montzuma Well (27)

20. GCXAXJ Alberts Friend Elwood (24)


New points in: 479

Old points out: 109


New score:3605!

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Updated Score:


GC31TKD Fantasy Football Challenge - Let the Games Begin! by GeoEskimo

Number Type Cache Code Cache Name Fav Points

1 GCGV0P Original Stash Tribute Plaque 1023

2 GCK25B Groundspeak Headquarters 847

3 GC30 Mingo 460

4 GCW6EM DR. Who. 386

5 GCK12J Last stop for a weary traveler 328

6 GC729A Welcome to Las Vegas 326

7 GC92 Un-Original Stash 316

8 GC10FB Magic Kingdom 301

9 GCEB2 The view of an "Honest Man" 291

10 GCJZDR Cloud Gate aka The Bean 266

11 GC28 Beverly 257

12 GCQ596 A Special Memory 251

13 GC79 Iron Horse 235

14 GC3334 Animal Kingdom 215

15 GCP9G9 Totally Tubular III 207

16 GC7ED St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache 191

17 GC6F12 London - Beatles Abbey Road 122

18 GC70 Octopus Garden 120

19 GC62 Tombstone 117

20 GC14YRW The Devil's Den 117

You have the 6 required Cache Types.

You have the required additional 14 caches.

You have 6376 Total Fantasy Football Points.

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Hey All,


Recently we found a 7th Cache type that had over 20 points and I realized that my macro wasn't counting correctly. It would include that 7th Cache type instead of another cache that had more points. (ie. I have a WebCam with 20 pts that was my 7th Cache type. But since you only need 6, I was getting shorted about 60 pts since I have another cache at 80 that should have been used instead.)


So, if you have 7 or more cache types that have 20+ Fav Points, you should update to the latest version...


After our trip to the Tubulars today, we're now at 5647...



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Well, sorry it's taken me so long to get around to updating all of your scores and adding those new players to the list that weren't in the game before. I can't believe how high those scores shot! Great job! I guess we're all going to have to get traveling if we ever want to see first place huh?


The top chunk of the list has been updated, but I haven't updated everyone's scores. I'll have to try and get to the rest of the list soon.


As for my score counting, I love the macro (thanks so much for making that, and everyone should use it), but I generally still count for myself. Call it OCD or old fashioned, but that's how I do it. If you have a screenshot of the macro, sometimes I do use that number, but most of the time I'll just do the counting. The main reason is because in the time it takes for me to go in and update your score (even if it's the next day) the favorite points could have changed, and it's generally in your favor. I count the points right before I record them, and count the highest possible "draft picks" for each list, even if you've sent me your list. If you would rather I count what you send me instead, please specify, but I make sure to count so your score is the highest possible that still meet the rules. You may be lowering your score if you get specific on your picks.


You can go check out your new scores (the top fourth of the list, and some scattered others anyway). Let me know if you think your score is different and you want me to update it.

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