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Which GPS too buy forGeoCaching

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Hi all, my brother got me hooked on GeoCaching last weekend and we found 9 in one afternoon in Newcastle, NSW.

He uses his Iphone which is fine, does anyone know the cheapest GPS to use and one that can have co-ordinates punch in rather than an address?


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Hi Ozengines,


Welcome to our addiction

Most people I cache with seem to use one or other of the many Garmin units, although there is the odd Magellan.

There is a fairly broad selection starting with the Etrex & going up from there.

The more expensive units allow for paperles caching (as do the phone apps)

If you have iPhone or an android phone there are dedicated apps available - cheaper than a GPS (but not necassarily quie as accurate)


Hope this helps



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I have noticed on ebay that the Garmin and Magellan GPS's in the USA are a third of the price than Oz, would they have Oz maps or would they be extra if I bought from USA


By default Garmins come with a world 'basemap' which is VERY basic mapping for the globe, and terrible.

You'll either need to but Garmins expensive maps (which are very good) or use something like http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php which are free (and good enough in most cases)


Buying overseas can be a problem if it comes to warranty issues though, so beware!

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