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"interesting set of finds for someone that just joined today"

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However, since it is his first day, I am lead to believe these are previous finds that he found before he made an account.


Look at his first find.


The Lake Bonney Spicy Geo/Survival Cache It's in Antartica presumably on top of a glacier. He said he was the FTF.


After that he has logged finds in various states- Utah, Washington, wisconsin, Newfoundland Canada, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, South Dakota, New York, heck all the states plus some remote places.


Heck, he even logged 58 puzzle caches, Visited the Groundspeak HQ, found a virtual in Svalbard Russia (that big icy island just north of russia).


His Last find was in Wisconsin.


All in one day. Too good to be true (for him)? Well it is!


All this to prove a point. Sorry If I went overboard.

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At first I thought it might be possible that it was late logging before they got an account, although it would of been more likely a few years ago when you could still get on the web site and get coordinates with out logging in not very likely now. It appears to be even more unlikely as the count rises (129 when I last checked) that this is the case.

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I was thinking it may have been one of the many people coming on asking how to split an account, but didn't bother changing the find dates. Then I looked at some of the finds, including being the only person to find a couple of the Antarctica ones and one that had no finds and was archived in January, so that ruled that out. Though still theoretically possible (the person s/he split from could be a non-logger, not in it for the smileys or numbers), I'm going to go with this being a bogus cacher.

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