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Acceptable swag?


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I was wondering if anything in here might be considered unacceptable swag. It's just some stuff I've had around my house for a while collecting dust on shelves.


Also I was thinking of setting up a Lord of the Rings type cache Multi-cache of course since I found a ring with an odd resemblance to the infamous One Ring. Any tips on how to get that done would be awesome.

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I love it all! Don't see a problem as long as each item is put in an appropriate cache - small things in smaller caches, fragile pottery & glass protected, bracelets in a little bag to keep them dry if they are still in a cache in winter, that kind of thing.


I'm intrigued by the Lord of the Rings multi idea, but don't have any tips as I haven't done many multis. Have you considered doing a Wherigo?

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Well, I'm living in Southern California so I don't have to worry too much about harsh winters. I'll try and keep appropriate ones on hand for whatever cache I'm after.


There is a Holy Grail type multi around here and I liked the ideas the put forth. I already know I'd want to do three for the three books. I haven't considered a Wherigo since I'm rather new to the Geocaching seen but I'll make sure to check it out.

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