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When a cache is a stash.


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What should I do when I find something other than the cache at the location?

I was searching for a cache titled The Moaning Micro and I found drug paraphernalia in the location.

I logged it as a DNF and described my find on the cache's log.

I also returned the stash to the location.

Was this the right thing to do?

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I checked out the cache in question. And I think there were some options.


First, what you did in this situation was fine. The cache owner now knows there is a situation that needs his/her attention.


I see that this cache is near a golf course in an upscale neighborhood. So little Johnnie and Jane are smoking dope and crack. Interesting.


You could have placed the items into the box and taken it with you. At the first dumpster or trash can along your route, you could have dumped the stuff. Too bad for little John and Jane.


You could have taken the items and gone to the local police. After explaining geocaching, and maybe getting a ticket for trespassing on the golf course, they would deal with the situation. (I think an officer should be thankful that you are being a good citizen, but every officer is different, and there is a small chance you would talk with the 'hard nose.')


Your log for the cache would not change. There is no fault that the local youth chose this spot to hide their stuff from mom and dad. It was convenient. The cache has been there for five years. Obviously, it's a good hiding spot.


Finally, leave well enough alone. There is no reason to return and take the stuff. You may still go to the local police and report the situation.

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I found marijuana in a stash (and DID NOT LOG IT - it had been there for a while and I didn't want anyone to know the missing pot was from my good citizenship)... I called the Sheriff and either I could wait there for a deputy (hours) or bring it in - the dispatcher said I was clear... that way if pulled over and that was found I would have record (and perhaps a police escort, haha). Anyway, I don't think it is right to just leave it there. JMO :)

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