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description doesn't match location?

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I spotted a witness post and stopped to check for a benchmark, which I easily found. My coordinates: N 27 07.684 W 80 13.361


Since it is stamped 2002 it would be too new for geocaching.com's database thus I went straight to the NGS site. A map search gives me PID DE6037 which does have the appropriate designation (A 569) and placed in the right year (2002).


Problem is benchmark I found is located at the NE corner of Cove Road and Willoughby Blvd. But the datasheet description clearly describes a location on the west side of Willoughby Blvd just south of Pinewood Elementary School located a mile up the road!


What's going on here? Is it possible that the description of this mark got mixed up with the description of a different mark?


And what does the "LB 4108" on the benchmark mean?


I haven't yet tried to find a benchmark at the location described in the datasheet (I just found the benchmark in the photo today), though I plan to.

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I'd say with coordinates matching within truncation on the data sheet and the right stamping you found DE6037 and there is indeed a mixup in the descriptions submitted with the data.


To verify this, you should go look for one at the described location (if safely accessible). Or look up on the NGS site for any others in the neighborhood set in 2001/2002 to see if one has this location described.


LB numbers in Florida refer to licensed surveying businesses. Property corners would need to be identified either by the surveyor's license number or the business number. (Most states have only individual licenses.) Geodetic marks would not have to be associated with a licensed surveyor, but could be, and perhaps the county's contract required a licensed surveyor to be in charge of the project, or the company just routinely puts the number on everything to avoid missing one where it is required.

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