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Resources for real geological field tasks?

Trekkin' and birdin'
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I had one course in college in geology, one of those electives required for Liberal Arts majors. So, not a geologist by any means. I always struggle to develop really meaningful and interesting tasks for visitors to complete. I know others mention this, too. Are they any nice layman's guides to simple field geology tests that might help with this issue? Flow rate, pH all that kind of thing is instructive, but it would be nice to get some new ideas. Thanks.

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Try conveying your concepts in your narrative. Base your questions/requirements on observations of the concepts. This should translate into an understanding of the concepts. Rather than a set of measurements, I find this approach quite useful and the cachers do as well. Although I’m a geologist, retired, by training and not a teacher by training or licensing I feel this approach works well. Perhaps someone involved in teaching can elaborate on this approach.

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I've got a book called A Field Manual for the Amateur Geologist by Alan M. Cvancara, that I've found very helpful. It really helps you think like a geologist and look at a landscape the way a geologist would. It probably won't give you any specific logging taks, but it's a really good practical overview.

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