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New Sweden map - poll

nessie3d & Ynka

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sorry my post will be in English, I just don't know how to speak nor write Swedish.


Trying the option 'use page background color' in FindStatGen, I noticed that some maps, for example the Swedish, do not fill the area around the country with the background color.


The major issue is actually the adjacent countries that are on the map, preventing the flood to continue its filling to all areas.


A solution is to adjust the map, so the country 'is on its own' on the map.

For Sweden, this would mean that the part of Norway and Finland would disappear.


The aim is to keep the rest of the images the same, because I want to avoid the existing dat-files to suffer from the changes.


I'm only talking about the map with the 'Län', not the one with the counties.


My simple and humble question is:

Do you feel that the map may change in the way described above, or should I keep my hands off ? :rolleyes:

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