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Spoilers for movies in cache description.


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Yes, you just have to learn to stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and say "lalalalalala I'm not listening".

I think that's already Coldgears' modus operandi. :lol:



good grief, you people are FAST! :blink:


Were you all just waiting for that opening? :lol:

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I found that the final movie did an incredibly bad job of explaining the horcruxes (which was the entire plot of the book). Instead wasted time on 3-D graphics. So, perhaps, if OP doesn't want to read the book, the caches might help explain the missing plot of the movie. I, for one, would not have understood the movie if I hadn't read the book.

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The girl is from land, which explains why she can't swim. Eventually they all find land, and due to his gills, he has to go back to the ocean.


That was a lousy movie!


I hear that over and over and it lost big at the box office, but I actually enjoyed that movie.

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He tosses the ring in the vulcano and the bad guys lose somehow, someway.


They get the gold and Oddball buys a German tank with his share.


The boy wakes up, thinking it was all a dream and then he sees the tall dude in the mirror and the little jawa looking beasties grab him and yank him back to their dimision.


Salt water kills the Trifads.


They beam the furbies/tribbles onto the Klingon ship.


Orca gets his revenge. The Captain is killed.


Germs kill the aliens and so the humans win.


The badguy drug lord sends his minions and they wipe out Scarface and his cohorts but get their butts hurt seriously too.


Oh and I just wacted the 1st Harry Potter with my kids last weekend and it was a suprise ending to me. Imagine all these years and I avoided that all this time. Who knew it could be done?

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The Ark kills the Nazis, then the ark is hidden in a big warehouse.


The Death Star is blown up.


The alien invasion is defeated by a computer virus


Newhart was dreaming the entire time.


The Karate Kid wins


Kristin Shepard shot JR


Edit: Wonder when this thread will get locked. :)

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Dr No. Bond gets the girl

From Russia With Love: Bond gets the girl

GoldFinger: Bond gets the girl

The Spy Who Loved Me: Bond gets the girl

Goldeneye: Bond gets the girl

Die Another Day: Bond gets the girl

Casino Royale: The girl dies.


Alternatively, for all of them: Everything explodes.

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Snape kills Dumbledore!


Jack dies of hypothermia. Jenny dies of AIDS and Momma dies of cancer.Jesus dies but then lives again.Malcolm was dead all along.Norman had his dead mother in his basement.Private Ryan lives.Dorothy makes it back to Kansas.ET makes it home.Marty makes it back to 1985.Clarence gets his wings.James Bond gets the girl.Rod Tidwell gets the money.Ray Kinsella plays catch with his dad.Roy Hobbs plays catch with his son.Indiana Jones finds the Ark.And the Holy Grail.The Von Trapp family escapes to Switzerland.Andy escapes Shawshank.The Planet of the Apes is just Earth many years later.Seabiscuit wins.So does Daniel LaRusso.The Cleveland Indians suck at first but then they win in the end... twice.Rockford loses to Racine in the World Series.John Nash wins a Nobel Prize.Charlie wins the chocolate factory.Rocky wins. Then loses. Then wins. Then Apollo dies and Rocky goes to Russia and wins again. Then he becomes an arm wrestling truck driver. Or something like that.Rudy gets to play.So do the Bears.Frodo destroys the ring.They find Nemo.They shoot Old Yeller.Princess Fiona becomes an ogre.The Beast becomes a human.Darth Vader is Luke's father.Verbal Kint is Keyser Söze.Neo is the one.Soylent Green is people!Rhett leaves Scarlett.Rosebud was a sled.

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