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New Garmin 600 series

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I was just going through the new Garmin 600 series videos and I noticed an lot of borrowed ideas.Adjusting topo and aerial zoom levels[Delorme],Larger screen[bushnell 350-400],Lithium ion battery pack[bushnell 350-400],There are several other things Bushnell and Delorme have had for years.I would think after all these years someone would come out with an gps powered by an 9 volt battery,an faster processer, instead of REINVENTING at an HEFTY price tag.

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screen size borrowed? Garmin has been making GPSs with various size screens for years. Lithium ion battery pack, nothing new for any manufacturer, just a matter of where does it make sense to use it versus the ever popular AA cells.


9v battery, why would you suggest a power source that the first thing you have to do is waste power converting it to a usable voltage, the trend is to lower the supply voltage to actually reduce power usage allowing longer run time on a given capacity battery.


The faster the processor, the more power it requires, now a multi speed processor would make sense, idle down when processing requirements are low, save battery power.


Plus they make these features availble to users outside of the US unlike Delorme and Bushnell.

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