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How do I get my wife interested?

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I'm in the same boat as many of you guys. And I really wanted her to argue with me WHY she turned down my offers to follow me on my adventures, she said:


"I probably would have liked it more if you didn't push it so hard. You always get so eager to log sooo many sooo fast and you want to place your own caches despite my thought of waiting a little more with doing that. When you come home from a caching day, all you talk about is geocaching, even though you clearly see my decreasing interest of the topic. And I don't like your lack of planning (or spontaneousness as you call it) when you want to go out caching. Maybe we can decide about when the next caching trip will occur? If you just would have a little more patience, choose or at least prefer quality caches instead of going for ALL caches there is, and choose days with at least decent weather, keep the tempo at a normal level and maybe not sacrifice all other activities prior to go geocaching - I probably would have liked it more."


And I have no idea what she is talking about?!

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I went to one of them candle parties once...


My wife enjoys the hike and time more than the cache itself. If I know where we are going and the destination is nice then she is happy to find several caches on the way there. Running around getting micros or hiking up a cliff is not her cup of tea. A couple mile hike into a lake and some peace from the rat race is what she is looking for.


She is competetive so when I get about 20 away from another round number (500, 600, 700) then she enjoys it more.


Bottom line though if you love it and she does not then you go caching early and after you get home do what she wants and don't spend the rest of your day talking about it.

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How do I get my wife interested?


Bring flowers home from work, compliment her a lot, make her laugh, light a lot of candles in the bedroom, have soft music playing, etc.


Or try alcohol.

and hide a micro with jewery in it under the pillow. :laughing:

If she needs a GPS to find your pillow then geocaching is the least of your problems. :huh:

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He's been out with me briefly, but doesn't like bugs, mud, dirt, ticks, etc. Our first cache was by a log with some branches and he wouldn't touch it...


You need to find a more manly boyfriend.


Maybe he's wealthy.



Nope--we met in college and it was the other way around, although you'd probably never know it.


I like my girly hobbies like makeup and whatnot, but it's so nice to get outside and do something active (even if it's just a walk or a short drive to take some photos). I don't make memories of shopping trips or sales at the mall!


Did you guys who have been caching for a while meet other cachers through events, local clubs, etc? My local club seems to be mostly defunct now.

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