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Turn off music in cache pages?


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I'm not sure what is different, but it didn't play any music on my computer. Didn't see anything in the html for the page for any music files either.


You can always turn the volume down on your speakers or even turn them off.


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Mozilla doesn't have an option for turning off sound. Check out Opera. I think your only other option is to turn off your speakers...


You might also want to email the person who placed the cache. Sounds on web pages are generally considered to be rude and intrusive by the bulk of the Internet community.


I watch TV on my computer, so I completely understand the frustration with people thinking that they're being cute by putting sounds on their pages. Can't turn off the speakers or I lose the sound from the TV, too. I either hit "Back" or close the window immediately whenever I come across one of those sites.





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Sure it does. Just go into Mozilla's Preferences and remove the Helper Application for the MIME type audio/x-midi.


Here's how I did it:


1) Under Mozilla's Edit menu, click on Preferences.

2) Under Category, double-click on Navigator.

3) Click on Helper Applications.

4) Under File types, select audio/x-midi and then click the remove button.

5) Click the Ok button to exit Preferences.


That should kill the noise. icon_smile.gif


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Originally posted by donbadabon:


Some pages force you to listen to crappy music


while reading the page.

Is there anyway to "opt out" so to speak, to avoid having this music forced upon us?




I like the music myself. Two of my cache pages have sound. To each their own.



On the other hand, you have different fingers.


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Cruzin!, that is my main reason too. I listen to my own audio, and it gets meshed with midi.


theboonieman, thanks for the info, but under helper apps, I don't have the audio/x-midi, in fact, the only things listed are for .exe, .zip and .doc. icon_frown.gif


BrownMule, I agree to each their own. To me it is the audio versions of pop-ups. Annoying and distracting. To others, it is music to their ears, so to speak.

My request would not to be take it off, since that would affect those that like it, but to put an option on the page that allows someone to turn it off, if they so desired.

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You must have a plug-in like QuickTime loaded on your computer. To find out, click on the Help menu under Mozilla and select About Plug-ins. Do you see a plug-in that has MIMI types like audio/mid, audio/x-midi or audio/midi. If you do and it's called QuickTime, then follow these steps to disable the MIDI.


1) Click the Start button, select Settings and then Control Panel.

2) Double-click on QuickTime.

3) Set the drop down menu to Browser Plug-in.

4) Click the MIME Settings button.

5) Find Audio and click the plus sign (+) next to it.

6) Uncheck MIDI file.

7) Click OK to exit the MIME Settings.

8) Close the QuickTime Settings dialog box.


Whew! I hope that stops the music.


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I don't mind it once...

But since this cache was placed four days before I found my first cache (another one of his that also had music added,) and he hides wonderful caches, I've been to the page lots of times. Every time I get the music (well, at least since he added the music.)

The strange thing is a while back someone else brought this up and mentioned being able to stop it by pressing ESC. It worked then. A day or two later, it no longer worked for some reason, and I still can't stop the music with either ESC or the stop button (I'm using the latest version of IE.)

This one's still on my watch list, so I'm sure I'll be back when people log the cache.

I think the best option is to put a control on the page where you can stop the music if you want (or even one that you need to click to START the music.) Either would be a lot better for those of us that might be listening to something else, etc.

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