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Co. Durham holiday

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We are having a bit of a tour of Co. Durham in a couple of weeks thanks to the travelodge £9 sale.

I have planned a rough outline but wondered if any locals could have a look at it and add their thought please. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids aged 13 and 9.


1.We are starting in sedgefield, 2 nights. We intend to go to forbidden corner at Leyburn on the way the first day and maybe do waterfall GC1QOGD as well. And maybe in the evening head into Hardwick country park.

2. The second day we have pencilled in the BMC series of caches nearby


3. we then head to chester-le street the next day - hoping to spend the day at diggerland, doing caches silly steps and view the view, plus if it viable some the the CLASS 100 caches (have pencilled in number 80 to 99)


4. the next day intending to do some more 100 CLASS caches, hoping they will give us a really good tour of the area as we have never visited before. I have no idea how many it would be possible to do, maybe about half if we are lucky. We tend to head out and stop if we find a nice place enroute that the kids would enjoy, so some times we only make a few caches before they find a river to swim in or something and we spend the rest of the day there - so with that in mind are any near a scenic shallow river?

We then head to the washington Travelodge


5. We would like to show the kids the angel- and will do the angel caches, duck and jolly roger. Then head out to the coast to sunderland working our way up to south shields, so i have pencilled in the caches on the coastal road and in South Shields. Then head back to washington travelodge for the 2nd night


6. Heading to Beamish wild (tesco vouchers dont include beamish only the wild bit so we will do that) and the easter egg event caches nearby. Then for that night we are heading south towards home stopping at scotch corner.


7. Homeward trip - somwhere along the A1 would be nice just to break the journey for the kids.


I had orginally intended to go to brimham rocks and high force on this trip, but AA autoroute sayes they are both an hour away from any of the travelodges we are staying in, if any local can disagree with that and squeeze a trip to either in somewhere above that would be great. Maybe it would be possible to do high force after beamish on the way to scotch corner - Im not really sure of the distances involved or how long to allow for beamish wild


I would also be grateful if you could tell of any family friendly pubs like 2 for 1's or havesters that are along any of my days routes.


Thankyou for reading and any help you can provide. I did try to join the NE forum but it says my IP is banned.

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We did the BMC walk earlier this week...we had a few hours to spare so thought we'd find a series. it was an excellent walk with some fantastic hides...read the cache pages before you head round it though, we got caught out on a few. We were completely unprepared for some caches as we did the series on a whim. Have a great walk round, we really enjoyed it.

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