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Noteworthy Des Moines Caches

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Hi all, I live in Denver (originally from Clinton, IA) and will be in Des Moines for just 1 night at the end of Sept for a friend's wedding. Will be able to do a little caching the next morning. Was hoping for some advice on really noteworthy (but not time-consuming) caches in the area. In particular, if there are any that are older caches. Anyone know where the oldest Iowa cache is, for example?


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To find the oldest caches in a state, you can do a pocket query specifying the following...


Within -> States/Provinces -> Iowa

Placed During -> between -> January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2002


You can then preview the query and sort by the "Placed" column.


Doing that, I found that Maltese Goldfinch (Re-resurrected) by Wulfgar | GC162 is the oldest, but it is in northeast Iowa. The second oldest is near Ames, IA and the third in Ledges State Park south of Boone.


I have a cache on the west side of Des Moines called Knarly | GC2RFER


You might also try running a query centered on where you are staying and scanning for caches with a high number of favorite points which meet your difficulty/terrain requirements. I actually have a query centered on the downtown area... here's a few that jump out:


YIN -YANG by BB | GC1JBGH | Iowa

The Elves' Bridge by The 3 Elves | GC2KKVC | Iowa

The Walnut Inn & TB Resort by The 3 Elves | GC20K1Y | Iowa

Five Stones - One Tree (EarthCache) by bucknuts | GC1WHMF | Iowa

(dd) by ddCustomFittedBras | GC18ZME | Iowa

Iowa State Fair Trivia by The 3 Elves | GC1X2D9 | Iowa



Hope that helps... happy caching :)

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We've got some good caches around... if you're able, there's a really neat night cache. It's "pajama cache" ( GC1C1T1 ). You'll need a flashlight & bug spray, but if you're willing to go out after the reception, its worth it! I've got a couple of finds off that list Darick posted.. and a couple of them are on my to-do list, so I'd 2nd those suggestions :)


Have fun!

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