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Blackberry Bold

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When caching I either use my GPS or my partners android phone.


My current phone is a Blackberry Bold and im contemplating getting an app for caching for this phone. I see a few people have posted up comments but I dont get the feel for a great app for the blackberry.


My partner has the Groundspeak cache app on his phone and id like something similar?... Is there anything out there similar?


Looking forward for feedback & suggestions..

Cattawall / Sarah :)

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Look for the app cachesense. Free 30 day trial then $9.99 if you want to buy it and that is for a lifetime license. I just got the newest beta that uses the geocaching live api. It's very nice. You can browser your PQs and install them, log your finds and locate nearby caches all without leaving the app.


If you want something thats completely free look for Blackstar. Both apps work. But in my opinion Cachesense is well worth the price. Plus you get 30 day to try it risk free.

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Plus CacheSense is the first third party app to use the Geocaching Live API - which means you get all the immediate access to cache information you get with the Groundspeak apps and much much more.


I use a Blackberry Bold with CacheSense and am having a very difficult time finding a 'real' GPS that is just as good. Just make sure you get yourself an Otterbox Defender case - it keeps the BB nice and safe.

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