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"poker chip" geocoins?

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Is there a reason why geocoins are metal instead of plastic?


I suppose some of the non-round designs are better with metal. But for the classic coin-shaped geocoins they are about the size of a poker chip. A local geocacher showed some replacement geocoins that had been printed on poker chips (the original metal coins had been lost/stolen). Wouldn't plastic geocoins the size of poker chips be much cheaper than the metal ones (which seem to retail for $10+), which would in turn might decrease their rate of theft?

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The reason people who purchase geocoins (for the most part, round ones) and then photocopy them and release a "proxy" is to keep the collectible coin in their collection to keep from being stolen. Most activated geocoins are activated to either travel or be discovered at events.


Geocoins wouldn't be "Geocoins" if they weren't 'minted' and offered to the general public. We (as designers) often think that the coins we manufacture are traveling pieces of art. There are those however who seek out geocaches specifically to steal them. This has been an ongoing problem for years.


To design and produce a plastic poker chip style geocoin wouldn't be worth the time it takes to design such an item, simply because they aren't collectible. There are literally thousands of geocoin collectors around the world who purchase the real mccoy to trade with others. Some collections are in the thousands of coins.


Its good of you to ask this type of question in this forum, for you will receive a myriad of answers and comments. There are some inexpensive coins out there though.


Welcome to the Geocoin Forum - My only advise here.. be careful, its quite an addiction.



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