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Recommended water bladder system?

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If the pack is the type with the sleeve, I HIGHLY recommend Osprey's bladder. It has a rigid back to it, so that it holds its form and doesn't slump down. It also has a few nice other features, like a holding handle for filling and a magnet near the bite valve so that it easily stays on your shoulder or sternum strap.



In some cases (mostly when backpacking), I'll use a standard Camelbak bladder and simply lay it on top of all the gear at the top of the pack, which makes it easier to take in/out for refilling. In that case, it's handy to not have a rigid back.



Hope that helps,


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As a standalone hydration system I use this one ;




I can put ice cold water in it in the morning and it is still chilly when we leave for home, it's fantastic.


I also use this rucksack which incorporates space in the main compartment for a hydration bladder. It's the comfiest rucksack i've had in a long time and with anything this brand does, you get serious quality. It's been on some great excursions, airsofting, caching, a trip to Chernobyl, and tons of urbex trips. Apart from the name 'Edge' wearing off it's like new. Great value for money and provides you with plenty of room for supplies to do a few hours caching.



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