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Cointest - win a 'Still Soaring'


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I have just seen that the adventure is almost over! I hope you had a great time! Hmm... any left over coins or banknotes? cheap ones that I do not have?? :laughing: :laughing: I am kiding! :D


Hey, I hope you will visit Greece too in your next trip.... I do not know if you visited my country now...

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We are home! The adventure is over and work will start again. No more guesses. I will need a couple of days to figure out the number of caches that we did. We will have to go over fields notes, paper notes and notes in the netbook that we made. As for the number of countries, we cached in a total of 13 countries (That in includes the USA, Sunday Sept 11 we got a cache in London, UK and in St. Paul, USA ~4012 miles apart).


We will announce the winner as soon as we figure the number of caches that we found. Now it's off to cut the lawn, vacations are much funner when your on them.


Thanks for all your guesses.

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So glad to hear you're both home safe and sound, I hope Shadow and the birds weren't too disgusted with the pair of you!


We were delighted to be able to see you on this side of the pond, and hope you have recovered from your quick march around our village! LOL


We did that distance caching in a day thing last year, one at home and one when we arrived at the GCF hotel you laid on for us! It totalled 3976 miles, cos as you know, our home is a little west of London.


This time we'll try harder B)

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Still logging, huh? LOL! That's one of my least favorite parts of coming home after a big caching trip...catching up on all of the logs!

I'm so glad there is something like GSAK.

Cause with fieldnotes and offline GSAK on my laptop I can log my finds offline each evening, while my memories are fresh.

At home after a long trip I merely have to upload my fieldnotes, check for spelling errors and remember a great trip.


(I really do miss not having had a summervacation this year. But Geocoinfest was more important.)


I guess NoSnow and Shadow's Friend had a fabulous trip and time, it is great to be part of it.

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We have winners!!


We had a very good time in our tour of Europe. We seen alot and have 1445 pictures to remember our trip, lots of doors and sidewalks. We meet a lot of nice cachers and traded/talked with a lot of friends from the forum. We experienced some different type of caches, that is the fun of caching outside your normal area. We ate and drank very well. It was just a very FUN time and geocaching did add alot to the enjoyment of the trip. With geocaching it's like having friends where ever you go, recommending places for you to see and visit. There would of been noway we would have found the 2nd oldest pub in London, walked around the country side in so many countries and go to the site of an underwater sculpture.


Well now on to the details: We were gone for 24 days. We visited 12 European countries and found 177 caches/event/challenges. (That number may go up or down depending on if I remember any I forgot to log, or if any of the earth caches/virtuals get deleted). But those are the numbers we are using for this cointest.


I did not specified whether the number could go over, just the closest. So we are having two winners; one closest under and one closest over. We are also going to award the first person to guess the correct number of countries.


The over winner is Quetzall1234 with a guess of 184 in post #400 only 7 finds away.


The under winner is Mamoreb with a guess of 167 in post #346 only 10 finds away.


The first person with a guess of 12 counties was Serchnsoul in post #326 .


Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who put in a guess.

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GCF 2011 US – Our last Mega of the year!


Since we do not have any vacation time left it’s going to be a just a long weekend. This means that we will not be caching very much, and there will be only one country. So we have decided for this cointest you need to guess the number of geocoins that we return home with (not counting any that we brought with or found in caches). In other word how many geocoins will we receive in trades, buys or find in our bag (We can always hope!!). For a tie breaker guess the weight of the carry-on luggage that we are taking to GCF. It will be loaded with coins for trading.



You can have two guesses. They can be in one or two posts.


Any post that has been edited is ineligible.


Cointest ends October 15 at Noon EST


Results will be posted October 18th



So a guess would look something like: 10 coins 5 lbs

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Boy you two are really soaring this year with your trips!!! I hope that Shadow's Friend is able to stay on her feet for this trip. I was getting worried there for awhile!


I already have a still soaring coin from this thread so I will just say have fun!! I hope that you come home with something unexpected in your bag too!!!! :D

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We have a Winner!


We left for GCF 2011 US with our traders in a carry-on that had a weight of 33 pounds and returned with 52 coins. We had lots of fun, trading, talking and ....


Congraduation to Serchnsoul for the correct guess.


Here are the pictures:







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