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sturdiness of magnetic caches in bad weather

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apologies if this has been discussed before, please point me in the right direction if so...


I've put out a magnetic nano cache on a railing, and before publishing it was going to wait for a few rainfalls to see how it holds up; can anyone give me an idea of how sturdy one of these magnetic nanos will be in the wind/rain? I'm thinking mostly about raindrops either hitting it directly, or, rainwater running briskly down the railing. this particular one is somewhat sheltered but not 100%, so just checking for any past experience with nanos in bad weather, sheltered or not.





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I would imagine it would be dependent on the location of the cache. Mainly the iron content of the surface you're sticking it to and the how directly exposed to the elements it is.

I have a few at home I'll be trying in different locations.

Some of them came with 2 rare-earth magnets. One inside an one you could glue to another surface to but i imagine there is enough room to drop both of them inside to make it a little stronger.


you could always stick it to a similar surface at home and use a hose to simulate the rain.

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Depends on the strength of the magnet and the location.


We get pretty constant rain around here and I find nano's in place all the time.


If it's exposed on a railing, I'd add on a rare earth magnet like others are suggesting, rather than just use the stock nano magnet.


With just a little cover though, those stay in place pretty well.

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on the topic of rare earth magnets... the best price i've been able to find is Lee Valley Tools


Rare Earth magnets are the number one choice IMO, I've seen those things hold up heavy lock and locks on Northern Vancouver Island (a cold, stormy rainforest) for ages.

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thanks all for your input; I'll try this nano out in the rain for a short bit, though from the sounds of it I can be confident it will hold up; it's mostly sheltered from direct hits but running water will come down the railing plenty, still, should be fine.


thanks again...

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