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Hide near a civil war cemetery


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We geocached in Sparta,TN this past week-end, Had a blast!!!

It is so beautiful there.

We found a hide near a civil war cemetery, GCV9E7.

The graves have a concrete cover on them. Does any one know why the covers were placed on the graves?

There are lots of pictures of the graves in the gallery. Hide GCV9E7.


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We found one in the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg. There's a few soldiers buried there, along with a lot of the famous townspeople. It was a really nice walk to the cache and we found the grave of David Wills, whose house Abraham Lincoln stayed at when he went to Gettysburg to give the famous Address. :D


But yeah, Civil War artifacts may be hitting an all-time high in value, with the 150th anniversary and all. It's bad that people would rob graves for them, but hey, people'll do anything for money these days. :(

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