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i work in computer security sounds like a pretty common scam ... be careful use your own common sense :)


What antivirus would you recommend?


No need to advise Drsolly on antivirus type stuff. He's a top Johnny in this field. Apparently he did work experience on the checkout of Dixons or something. Although in saying that, at the back of mind my - something reminds me that his knowledge on this subject is slightly more than the average....as in - he is the top Johnny in this field. :rolleyes:

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I used to get calls from these scammers before I moved house and had a new phone number. I liked to waste as much of their time as possible. Last time one called I started playing loud music in the background and then pretended I couldn't hear what he was saying claiming there was interference on the line suggesting his phone system had a virus! I then asked him to shout which he was glad to do. Hopefully that disturbed a few other calls. I then asked him to call me back which he did. Of course after a few minutes the loud background music returned! This went on for about an hour. It didn't help that I run Linux! ;)

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....as in - he is the top Johnny in this field. :rolleyes:


DrSolly appeared at an Essex meet some while back and to most he was DrSolly of 20000+ finds fame, to a couple of us he was DrSolly of the toolkit fame


I still have a copy of that toolkit somewhere.


Me too! Golly, that was hard work, though. Nowadays, my main worry is to stay ahead of the top German cacher. Currently, I'm ahead by a short nose, but it's neck and neck! What I need, is lots of bikable series to do. Speaking of which ... see new topic ...

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My long-term lodger runs his own business and I'm happy for him to use the house land-line for this as he pays for the line rental, so we get a lot (I mean A LOT) of cold calls, which usually start with:


CALLER: Can I speak to the Managing Director/Marketing Director/person in charge of......?


What I'd love to come out with (but have never had the hutspa to) is:


"Well, yes, given that you seem to have a reasonable command of the English language, and seem able to use a telephone, it appears that you CAN. What you meant to ask, however was MAY you speak to... and the answer to that question is no. Goodbye."


I'm just a coward!

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"Well, yes, given that you seem to have a reasonable command of the English language, and seem able to use a telephone, it appears that you CAN. What you meant to ask, however was MAY you speak to... and the answer to that question is no. Goodbye."


I'm just a coward!


But actually, he CAN NOT, because you're unwilling to call your lodger to the phone, and without that happening, the phone converstaion that he wants is not possible.


But you should unleash your inner pedant on the caller; we should all practise the art of being a difficult mamzer.

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My brother got this call at the weekend, definately from India or Pakistan, they asked do you run windows as there is a malicious file on your computer, I said most people use Windows. I asked how did you get this number and please remove me from your list. She transfered me to another person, in which I then asked, if you know there is a file, what is the serial number of the computer.


They hung up haha!


Lucky I was there, as who knows what might have happened.

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I read another interesting approach on another forum which seemed pretty cool. When they ask you to turn on your computer you act like you started it up and then say something like "Oh, ScanDisk just started running... hold on a bit" and then give them a (very slow) running commentary on how "it's at 2% now, would you like to hold" and see how long they'll wait.

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My son has just told me he answered one of these calls today..


caller...'there may be a prob with our computer

my son...oh thank you, I am so glad that you called. It isn't running'

caller...Can you explain the problem?

My son...Yes, it has broken its leg!

Caller...Are you having me on?

My son...No you are having me on! Take this number of your system.

Caller....(quietly) OK and then hung up!


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I received the same sort of call over the weekend and happened to changing the batteries in my smoke alarm when i picked up the phone. Thirty seconds into the call i felt bored so tested the alarm (safety first) which just so happened to to right next to the phone. As you can imagine the caller wasn't best please, in fact he was livid to the point where he called the police. Well he said he had but it's been nearly 3 days now and they still haven't arrived. :(

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Everyone in my house is either ill and so can't come to the phone, abroad (either holiday or work related), at work, or just not here.


And no, I don't know what time they'll be home!


I usually ask for their bosses contact details so I can check if they're legitimate, then I'll call them back.


Although I did get a call telling me my computer had been infected with a virus - I asked which one!

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