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Thought a muggle was a cacher?


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I often run into muggles that look like they are caching.

This one stands out in memory...

The bf and I were in a logging town, pop <200, no paved road in, in the middle of nowhere. There was a car with out of country licence plates stopped at a road sign where a geocache was hidden. A man was literally right in front of the cache "tying his shoe" as we approached. We said "hi" waited for him to leave, and then we grabbed the cache. There was a signature in the log from that day. Fast forward to a couple hours later, when we run into the same guy in a park about 45 mins from the last spot, also right at a gz. We figure this is too big a coincidence, so we flash our GPSr's and ask if he found it, and were met with a very confused stare. Turned out that it was just a strange coincidence.

Share a story of a muggle you were sure was one of us?

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I've posted a link to this cache a few other times on the forums, so you might recognize the story.


What my "needs archived" log doesn't say is that as the muggles pulled up in their vehicle, I thought they were fellow cachers. Then they pulled up way, way too close, and I knew something was wrong.

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It happened to me this morning, as a matter of fact. I was going after a 1/1 just to make sure I got a cache today (I'm going to try to at least get a 30 day streak going).


At any rate... the cache was located in a nice strip mall, behind what used to be a grocery store. As I pulled up to gz, I saw an unassuming woman in her mid-thirties leaning against her car and looking at an electronic device. I chuckled as I got out of the car & said "I bet you're looking for the same thing I am." She told me she didn't think so & I said "The geocache?" She said no but had always wondered about it & then asked what I was looking for. I told her that I'd show her once I found it. I made the grab, signed the log & showed her the cache. I told her the basics & gave her the web address before replacing the cache & continuing on my way.

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Had that happen a few weeks ago at Niagara Falls. There's a cache in a rock garden. A couple standing near me was looking at their GPS and I said something like "You're close" and they looked at me like I was a complete idiot before walking away, occasionally looking back over their shoulders to make sure the nutcase wasn't following them! :rolleyes:

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I can relate to this one.


My son and I were out caching after the Geowoodstock event in Warren, Pa. There were quite a few cachers ahead of us and behind us on the trail..all of us wanting to cache "just a little more" before we had to leave for home. The trail that we were on was in a state gamelands area. If it weren't for Geowoodstock, you would probably never meet up with anyone in that remote area.


We were hot and tired and were just discussing the fact that the NEXT time we do this many caches on a trail...we'll bring the bikes. Just then, we saw a man riding his bike toward us. Assuming he was a geocacher, I laughed and said, "I was just telling my son that we need a bike to do this cache series!" The guy looked at me like I'd lost my mind. He said he doesn't know anything about what a cache is, he's just out here hunting. Of course as usual, my mouth ran faster than my brain and I said "Hunting huh? I wasn't aware that it was hunting season for anything." He said,"It's not, but there's nobody out here to turn me in." I'm like....uh..uh huh...okee yeppers...gotta go, seeyabye.


He must have been hunting with a handgun because we didn't see any visible weapons on him, but we did hear a few close by shots a few minutes after we booked it down the road.


I know..I know...never assume.

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I have seen people standing with a garmin 60csx, looking at it, within five feet of a cache location. But they were simply discussing how far away they were from the trailhead and whether to take an alternate route back. People actually appear to use these gadgets for reasons unrelated to this game. Go figure.

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While driving down a dirt road to a park, I passed someone looking at a GPS. I stopped and leaped out of the car, and said something about getting close. The guy just looked at me. "Oh, you're not looking for a geocache?" No, he wasn't. Slink back to car, drive away. In my defense, this was 2003 when it was reasonable to assume someone with a GPS was geocaching.


Another time I saw several people right at ground zero. I approached and said something to them, and they just scowled at me. Then I saw all the camera equipment -- not cachers. I lingered for a minute or two then decided to comeback another day. I don't think I ever did get that one.

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