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Preform tubes for cheap!

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this was the first review on the page


I don't think these will stay watertight if left outdoors (e.g. when used as geocache containers). It won't take very long for the plastic to degrade under the sun, and anyway I'd bet the foam disc seal inside the cap will fail sooner. Adding a rubber gasket or silicone O-ring may help.

Very nice to store tidbits at home though."

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Here's 30 for $18.95


Evidently you can stick a log sheet in them, call them a geocache and sell them for $2.99 each plus shipping! :unsure:



"There's a sucker born every minute" P. T. Barnum. :blink:


Check out the shipping policy on those. Add 8.5% of total order cost and a minimum of $7.95 for shipping.


I'll order a couple of the cheapies from dealextreme and see if they're any good. They probably have some cool swag on the site for cheap too.

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Found these on dealextreme, and thought some of my fellow cachers might be interested. If you buy 3 or more they will come to about $1 each shipped right to your door straight from China.



I actually just got finished ordering 10 more of these containers last week. I had good luck with them so far. The material does seem to be a bit thinner than the preforms but they appear to be larger in size which I prefer. I do add an o-ring to the container to help with waterproofing.


I also use this large bison tube like container from dealextreme and liked them enough to order more.


Edit: And yes they do take forever to arrive from overseas.

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