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Eatchcache owner not responding to emails.


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Need some advice from you guys. On July first A friend and I spent the day geocaching. One of the caches we found was an earthcache, this is also the first earthcache I have found. The cache owner required details about the subject to be emailed to them and to await approval of the requirements before you are allowed to log as found. The issue is that its been nearly A months since I first emailed them, got no response :( . I emailed them a second time, and once again no response :mad: . I see that they have logged in to their account since my first email to them, but has yet to get back to me or my friend who also found it. What should I do? Do I log it anyway with my picture, or continue to wait? I see somebody else has found it since my friend and I did and logged it but i'm not sure if they just got sick of waiting for a response and logged it anyways.

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Log your find.


Nowhere in the gecaching.com guidelines, the Knowledge Books, or the EarthCaching guidelines does it state that a cacher must wait for a confirmation from the Cache Owner before logging their find. An EarthCache finder should log their find, send their answer(s) to the Cache Owner, and move on. It's then up to the Cache Owner to contact the EarthCache finder if there is a problem.

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