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Vancouver in mid November

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Geohubby and I are coming to Vancouver from Australia to go geocaching! We have been to Vancouver before and loved it, but have never cached there. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend anything specific that is a "must do" geocaching wise in Vancouver and can be reached by public transport. Are there any series that are in beautiful places....I know, I know...all of Vancouver is beautiful....but looking for suggestions. Many thanks, Wackydo

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Whereabouts will you be staying in the Vancouver area? Stanley Park is beautiful, and has caches. Across the river from the airport is a neat walkway, and Ensconcement(sp?) Interchange was a fun cache.


My wife and I are currently in Vancouver and are having a blast. Stanley Park is a must!

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There's some fun caches on the sunshine coast as well,I know it's not in the city but it's just a quick ferry ride from West Vancouver, and an incredibly beautiful area to adventure around in!


I can second the Sunshine Coast! We recently visited from Vancouver Island and stayed in Gibsons. If you have a car, that would make it easier. We can recommend a motel there, and the restaurant Molly's Reach is a must-do. It was the pivotal establishment in the Canadian TV series "The Beachcombers."

It is a beautiful spot.

I see you mention public transport in your post - plenty in Vancouver. Do try and get to Grouse Mountain,

transit will get you there and to all the other sights.

I just hope the rain holds off for you...

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