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Rustproofing Altoid Tins

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Those are bigger than an Altoids. In fact, they are big enough to fit an Altoids container in them.


Knowschad was suggesting that Groundspeak could sell such a container at ShopGroundspeak.

The pictured container will not contain an altoids tin, they hold ID's the size of credit cards, and can hold about 10 credit cards.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that the same general style is available in two sizes. The size pictured indeed can accommodate a few credit cards. There is also a similar container that is big enough to accommodate a small wallet. I use the wallet-size containers often, because their transparency makes them a bit more appropriate for urban settings than decon containers.

These aren't the best for a cold climate because the plastic gets brittle and the latches break. However, before the latch breaks, they seem to hold up pretty well to rain and snow up here.
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Perhaps if you hid the Altoids container and inside hid a laminated card with directions saying *can of wd40 hidden inside tree 12 feet away at 270 degrees* you'd be onto something. Maybe you can rustproof it but unless you can coat that mini-piano hinge with the rubber stuff they are selling on TV to fix your gutters, it's gonna at least seep and/or rust out.

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I have yet to find one of these in the field that wasn't at least musty and moldy inside, if not full of water.



allow me to not believe that, it is a waterproof container that you can take swimming etc...


maybe you found the "fakes" without a seal


altoid tins only make good containers in the desert


Really? The resident contrarian doesn't believe something I've said? :blink: I'm shocked. Shocked and amazed.




I've found more than one of these containers, yes with rubber gaskets, moldy and/or full of water. This was one. No photos in the cache gallery, so of course you're welcome to continue second-guessing me, but that one was the green model, exactly as pictured above. Don't know who made the ones I've found, can't say they were the top of the line product, but yes, they did have rubber gaskets, and yes, they were wet inside.


Just because something is submersible doesn't mean it's designed to sit out in the woods for a couple years.

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