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Circle of Four Geocoin

Geocoin Design

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GeocoinGuy, 1000000000000 :laughing:

LOL :laughing:


Shall I provide a hint or do you think it's too soon for one?


Ah, so you haven't just minted your billionth geocoin?


Far too soon for a hint!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

According to your number, that would be Trillionth, but no, not yet - and we aren't looking for a coin minting milestone... (that could be another cointest down the road methinks).. we're looking for a milestone number for my webstore customers...


Yes... quite right... and I did work that out when I entered it, but when I wrote it in words in my reply somehow my fingers enter Billionth with the brain said Trillionth. Stupid fingers!


avroair, 002000

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I lost track of the different versions of this coin - perhaps we are playing for the version that I already won one of?


Of course I won't snatch another one of the same coin, so if that is the case, I'm playing just for fun.


BTW, I aaaalmost thought I discovered what we are looking for, when I entered the Geocoin Design forum. But in the end, that didn't make sense either. Back to wild guessing.

LOL :laughing:


Edit: Oh, by the way... Somebody "Just missed" :P

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AlliedOz, 001000


WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!! Congrats Pingos!


AlliedOz created their GeocoinDesign Webstore account on Saturday, Aug 6th prior to the presale going active for Geocoin Designs' 1000th customer!


Both AlliedOz and Pingos have scored an XLE 1 of 20 Artist Edition Circle of Four geocoin!


Thanks to all for playing, and expect more cointests for other limited editions down the road a piece!

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