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Where can I buy camo tape?


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While pre made camo pattern tapes may be what you intend to ask for, there are many ways to use tape to build camouflage patterns.

I tend to use duct tape in many solid colours and cut to size as required. I've even used light coloured tapes and a few coloured indelible marking pens to 'touch up' some of the straighter lines ( you can cut it on curves etc as well). One can also use it as a base for paint. Sometimes material can be added by catching it under the tape a la Ghillie camo.


As for where, you've had a few suggestions, but I'd say any half decent sporting goods / hunting store I've visited Stateside would have it... and there are many online for hunting/archery/military (including 'paintball') suppliers.


Have fun with it. BTW nothing sticks out quite as much as camouflage that does NOT match the surrounds. Some times though the bizarre can be effective, search Razzle Dazzle and other techniques.


Doug 7rxc

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