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iPad and Oregon

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Hi all,


instead of traveling with my MacBook/Laptop, I'd rather travel light with an iPad. But one major use-case is to create PockeQueries ad hoc and putting them on my Oregon for outdoors. Piece of cake with the Finder/Explorer, but how to do this on an iPad? Even if I could attach the Oregon to that Apple-special-jack via adapter, how can I move the query onto the device with no access to the file system? A workaround could be to use single caches and "Send to my GPS."


Anyone ever got something working with iPad ans GPS?


TIA, Carsten

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You can't. You would need whats called usb otg to make the ipad the host and your GPS the slave. The way it is now the ipad and your GPS are both slave devices. To do it requires the right hardware and software and the ipad has neither one of them. Some tablets do have the hardware though, Like the BlackBerry PlayBook has a micro usb otg port, but its software currently doesn't allow for role switching. I'm not sure if any of the tablets currently do.


You can do this with any of the notebook PCs. Those are a lot smaller and lighter than a full size laptop.

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The Motorola Xoom (wich I use) should support this once it gets an update to enable USB mass storage. I already have a USB OTG adapter, and now I am just waiting on USB mass storage. This looks like it will be coming with Android 3.2.

The Asus Transformer (which I use) already supports writing to the microSD card. Someone explained to me that the Xoom's inability to do so has something to do with how Xoom has two internal memory banks. Not sure I understand it, but I'm surprised that after so many months, the first Honeycomb tablet still couldn't fix the issue.


With the keyboard dock for the Transformer, you get two USB ports as well. People have reported success with USB thumb drives and even some hard disks. Theoretically it should work if I connect the Oregon to it, but Garmin's USB implementation is... problematic at times.

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While looking you the specs for Xoom, Galaxy Tab and the other options, it just crossed my mind: that Oregon has some wireless capabilities. At least you can send caches over from one Oregon to another. Anybody know on what specification this is working? Could it receive complete queries as well? I couldn't care less for USB if that wireless would work. B)


Where are those specifications and where are those talented coders who write iPad Apps for the sheer fun of it. :)

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In my Android Samsung I can load caches and place them on a Sd, the Sd can go to the Oregon.


But as an answer to the original poster, a tablet IS NOT A COMPUTER, neither can it replace one, on the moment.

As much as I like an Ipad, you're forced in the apple way to do what they want you to do.

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As said previously the Xoom will have that ability soon. currently you can download the pq to mapping apps to plan your day (I use locus pro). Even when the usb goes active you still have the issue of getting your visits file to the geocaching site. No solution available for that until more tablets come with usb ports and host controller. There is one out now (forgot the name) that does that but it doesn't have 3g so wouldn't meet my needs. When a tablet comes out with what I want (10.1 screen, usb port with host controller, 3g/4g) I will get it.


Even then I will need my laptop to massage the file before loading but that is seldom. I only have to get it out every week or so to do that when I travel.

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When a tablet comes out with what I want (10.1 screen, usb port with host controller, 3g/4g) I will get it.


What issues do they have with USB... <_< ...I don't even have hopes for iPad3. Guess they're simply just reject the idea that you anything non-branded to the device. But that happend back in the times, too. Specialized hardware was expensive until the PC cam out, where a network-card didn't cost $300. This will happen again. I guess tablets are the future, but I'm keeping my money till they do what I need.


And thanx for all the answers!



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