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Maps question

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So, I was just trying to decide where to place a new cache and as a result I was actually looking at the maps (beta) on the site and had a question.


Is there any way to make the smilies and the stars show what cache type they are instead of showing that I've found/own them? I'd rather not have to log out and to it.


I'm sure I can use GSAK to do this but, I'm at work.

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In the left hand pane of the map are the options. For Example, you can toggle the Personalizations off and on by clicking on their icons.


The same with the Legend icons. Clicking on the far left icon toggles that entire row of icons. Then you can individually select the type desired.


Also works with the Layers section with your PQs. Clicking on them toggles those results on or off as well.


Clicking on Map Types changes the background image.

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